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Bulding a good yearbook takes time, dedication and persistence...not to mention a little help along the way.

We've developed this section to help you create your yearbook. A step by step guide to the 10 key activities you'll need to complete to create a great yearbook.

Do your research and assess the demand.

Building a yearbook takes a lot of time and effort. Make sure you have enough of your classmates interested, so all of your efforts are going to be worthwhile!

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Build your yearbook team

It's important that you get the right people on your team as this will make or break your yearbook. We've developed a team structure that will help your project run like a well oiled machine!

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Plan your project

Planning your project is key - a good plan will make creating your yearbook a lot easier and will result in a better yearbook.

There are two core aspects of planning that need to be covered:
- Building your timeline
- Planning your content

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Plan your design

Yes...more planning - but this is the fun part! Where you and your team will plan how you want your yearbook to look. What colours, fonts, backgrounds and overall design you want to use.

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Gather your content

This is where you need to be organised and pragmatic. Pulling together hundreds of photos and pages of content can be a daunting task - even for the most organised team.

Don't worry, help is at hand. Check out our content gathering techniques and tools.

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Marketing and Fundraising

A great way to reduce the cost of your yearbook is to hold fundraising events. These can range from the simple bake sale to the more elaborate evening dance. We've got some great tips on what activities you can do.

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Build your yearbook


Once you've gathered all your content, photos and have an agreed layout you are ready to start building your yearbook. Although we've designed the energi online yearbook builder to be as easy to use as possible we realise there will still be questions.

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Confirm your order


You've done most of the hard work you need to finalise how many of our classmates want a yearbook and get in touch with us to finalise your order.

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Proof your yearbook


When you have completed building your yearbook, before the full quantity is printed we will have a proof made. This is your chance to see a first draft of your completed yearbook in print.

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Review, approve and send to print

You're through the looking glass and just about finished. Time for one last look over the proof before signing off your yearbook and sending it to print. Once you approve it your yearbooks will be with you in a few weeks!

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