Building your yearbook team

A determined, dedicated and committed yearbook team will make all the difference to your yearbook.

Every school is going to be different, some will have a teacher leading the project (and doing most of the work), some may be lead by a couple students. What we find to be most effective is to create a formal yearbook team. The specific structure of the team may vary, but as a guide you should try to have the following roles covered.Yearbook team structure

Yearbook Mentor:
It is important that you have a motivated and enthusiastic Yearbook Mentor for your yearbook. The role of the mentor will be to oversee the entire project and ensure it is moving on in a timely manner. In addition the mentor will be needed to liaise with energi on placing the order and will have final approval of the yearbook. Typically, the yearbook mentor is a member of the school staff.

Project manager and lead role in the project. This person will ultimately be responsible for driving the yearbook forward and managing the timeline and content.

Sub Editor:
Supports the editor in putting the yearbook together - primarily responsible for proof reading, photo collation, copy checking and managing the creation of the content alongside the editor.

Marketing and Fundraising:
A great way to offset some of the cost of a yearbook is to hold fundraising events. More information on what these events could be can be found in the marketing and fundraising section. This person will be the leader in planning, organising and running these events.

Photo Editor:
Responsible for taking and/or managing the collation of all the photos in the yearbook.

Creator of all the copy in the yearbook including photo captions, page headers and letters. This includes actually drafting the copy as well as managing the copy created by your classmates.

Graphic Designer:
Creator of the yearbook design and overall page layout. Also responsible for using the energi online yearbook creator and interpreting the team's creative input into digital artwork.