Marketing and Fundraising


Another great way to reduce the cost per yearbook is to order a larger quantity. To order more, you need more of your fellow classmates to sign up to purchase a yearbook. Some great ways to increase demand for your yearbook include:

Get your classmates involved:
The more involved your classmates are in the creation of your yearbook the better.

  • Hold a theme or cover design competition - with the winning design being used in your yearbook. Run a photo caption competition, inviting your classmates to write funny captions on photos posted around your school.

Word of mouth:
One of the most influential tools in your arsenal! Talk up the yearbook, create a buzz about it, tell everyone how great it is going to look and how many photos of everyone it will have in it. Good word of mouth marketing is about creating a buzz, raising the profile and promising just how great the yearbook is going to be.

Posters can be straight forward "Don't forget to sign up for a yearbook", threatening "If you don't sign up for a won't get one" or a bit more creative. For example, once you have the cover designed, put pictures of it up around your school. Use it to create a bit of mystery or intrigue, then follow it up with another round of posters giving everyone the details. You have a captive audience - so have a bit of fun marketing your yearbook.



If you have 100 students in your class and raise £200 in a fundraising event, the cost of a yearbook for each student will be reduced by £2. Do a few events and you can reduce the cost further...some schools are even able to offset ALL of the costs just by running fundraising events.

Fundraising can take a lot of effort on the part of the organiser, but if it's done right, it will be worthwhile. A few ideas for fundraising include:

The classic cake sale:
One thing you can guarantee is that students are always hungry! Set up a cake stall for your classmates to visit in-between classes or during breaks. Have your classmates bring in cakes and goodies from home to minimise the cost.

The tried and tested carwash:
Go old school and hold a weekend car wash in your town. Market the event with simple flyers or posters in your area. Get your classmates to donate their time and materials to keep costs to a minimum.

Canvass your local businesses and/or get donations from your classmates and put the products up for raffle. Charge £1 - £2 per ticket and hold the draw during a school assembly. It will be a great way to raise money and will also raise the visibility of your yearbook within your school.

School dance:
This will take a bit more organising but could be a very profitable exercise. This will require a lot of input from your school and there are a lot of costs involved (dj, staffing, etc.) - so before you even begin to plan it check with your Yearbook Mentor.