Building your flat plan

A good way to determine what's going into your yearbook is to build a flat plan - a page by page outline of your yearbook's content.

A good flat plan will ultimately become the blueprint for your yearbook and will be indispensable for both content gathering as well as actually building the artwork for your yearbook.


Building your flat plan is easy...

First, download the flat plan template here. We've set up it up to accommodate up to 60 pages, if you plan to have more than 60 pages print out 2 copies and continue with page 61 on the second page.
Don't forget, the first page of your flat plan will be the inside of the front cover, and the last page will be the inside of the back cover. If you are having a hard-cover yearbook, there will be an insert (blank) page between the inside front cover and page 2 and the same on the inside back cover.

Next, you'll need to consider which sections your want to include in your yearbook and how many pages you want to allot for each section. A few suggestions on sections include:

Leavers names
A simple list of everyone in the leaving year can make a nice inside front cover page.
Introduction page
Can be a message from the yearbook team, the Head of Leavers or even the Head or Deputy Head Teacher.
Individual portrait pages
These are the pages containing all of your individual portraits - a must-have for any yearbook. You will need to decide how many students you want on each page and the amount of content you want to allow each student to include. Take a look at the energi online yearbook builder as there are a number of different class page templates pre-loaded, ranging from one student per page to 24.
Photo montages
Another essential element to any good yearbook...and a great way to get a lot of your classmates included in your yearbook. Photo montages can be done for any occasion such as trips, dances, social events, leavers' day, or just general 'day in the life' images.
The year group page
A nice double-page spread with you and all your classmates. Names along the bottom are optional but do make a nice addition.
Student life
All the different aspects of students’ lives, both during and after school.
The daily lives of your classmates at school.
All the different clubs and organizations that students are involved in. Include group photos and fun candid photos to highlight the value of membership.
Always a lot of fun...have your classmates vote on categories like most popular, nicest, best couple, most forgetful, coolest person, most disruptive etc.
Energetic action photos that capture a variety of people and games. Use copy and captions with the photos to document the stories and facts of the season.
In 10 years time
Have your classmates vote on likely jobs...most likely to be prime minister, a teacher, an astronaut, an air hostess - you get the idea!
Can include local business ads, as well as ads that recognise student achievements or help raise funds

Once you determine the sections and the number of pages you want to allot to each section you're now ready to start mapping out your flat plan. It's probably going to take a few attempts so you might want to make a couple copies of the flat plan template before you get started!