Research - assessing the demand

Assessing demand is a crucial first step to the yearbook process - particularly if you are in a school that doesn't typically produce a yearbook. Getting an estimate of demand can be quite straight forward if you do it informally - but if you want to get a better read of your potential volume you may want to take a more structured approach.

Informal canvasing is a good way to assess demand:

You could put up posters in your school asking your classmates to sign up to purchase a yearbook. Use a sign up sheet pinned to a notice board or have the students write directly on to the posters.

Ask your teachers if you can use a bit of time at the start/end of a class to talk about the yearbook. You can use a form to estimate who is interested, but you'll probably get a good read just by the initial response.

If you want a more detailed assessment:

Create a [your school name] 2012 yearbook facebook page and get people who are interested in buying a yearbook to subscribe to/friend the page. You'll then not only have a list of people involved but you can also use this facebook account to gather photos and content (see the gathering your content section for how to use facebook and other social networks with the energi online yearbook builder)

Collect a deposit:
It's not entirely uncommon for students to be asked to make a small deposit towards thier yearbook. You will need your Yearbook Mentor's involvement here as money will be changing hands. Make sure you keep good records here - noting who has paid a deposit and how much each person has paid.