Free use of all images taken by Tempest Photography

As energi yearbooks is a division of Tempest Photography, using us to create your yearbook means you can use all the high quality imagery taken in your school.

Supply of these images is free.

Use of these images is free.

The value they will add to your yearbook is immeasurable.

All too often we see yearbooks that are let down by poor imagery. Nothing makes a yearbook look more professional than having expertly taken portraits and yeargroup photos. Of course your own personal photos have their place, but when it comes to portraits and group photos, Tempest Photography has over 80 years experience in providing high quality, stunning images.

Once you have signed up and we've agreed the specifics of your project, we will upload the images you want directly to your online yearbook builder account. No sending CD's or pen drives, no fee. It's all supplied completely free of charge.


High quality portraits

Consistent, high quality portraits are a staple of any good yearbook.  Enhance your yearbook with professionally captured portraits from the company that's been taking them for over 80 years! 



Professionally staged group and fun group photography

A nice, clean, double page spread with your year group is a perfect image to sum up your class. Better yet - let your personalities shine with a fun group. Speak to your Tempest group photographer to get your shoot set up.




Studio friendship groups

Personal snaps of you and your mates will always have a place but professional studio images will make all the difference to the quality of your yearbook. Let our photographers capture you and your friends in a natural, relaxed setting.