The energi online yearbook builder...

The easy way to build your yearbook

We've designed the energi online yearbook builder with the end user (that's you) in mind. Our aim was to provide a platform that will make building your yearbook quick and easy. A platform that doesn't require a degree in graphic design to operate, but still gives you the flexibility and control to make a unique yearbook. Take a look at some of the key features below.

Import photos with direct connectivity to social networks

Want that great photo of you and your friends that you posted on Facebook to be put in your yearbook? No problem! The energi online yearbook creator has direct connectivity into Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. You can also upload photos direct from your computer. Once your photos are uploaded they will be accessible whenever and wherever you log into your yearbook project. Don't worry, all the images (and your whole project) are securely stored on our servers - accessible only through your secure log in.



Easy drag and drop image placement

Placing images in your yearbook is simple...just select the photo you want to use and drag it to where you want it to go. You can add after-effects like frames, masks and shadows once you've placed them into your yearbook. Want to add text? Just click the insert text button and drag the text box to where you want it to go. You can even cut and paste text out of word so inputting lists of names and students' comments is easy.


Huge selection of frames, masks, clipart and backgrounds

Add that creative edge to your yearbook. Just drag a frame or mask over a photo and hey presto...customised photo treatments! Want to add a bit of colour to your page? Check out the selection of pre-loaded backgrounds and clip art. If you want to add your own customised backgroup you can simply upload it as an image and drop it onto the page.


Extensive range of pre-designed page templates

Over 30 pre-designed page templates to accommodate anything from one student per page to twenty-four. There are also templates for introduction, group photo, trips, awards, and teacher pages. Want more flexibility? No problem! You can start from scratch and build your own templates. There are no limitations to the content of each page, no restrictions on colour pages or the number of photos you can use.

Easy photo collaging with pre-designed page layouts

Photo collages can be difficult to build correctly. To make building your photo collages quick, easy and fun, we've designed a range of photo collage page templates. These templates make building photo collages as simple as dragging photos into place. Picasa user? Because the energi online yearbook builder has direct connectivity into Picasa you can import your custom collages straight from your Picasa account!